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Cloud solutions & infrastructure

How can we help business?

Plan your IT development smartly and IT investments beforehand.

Start profiting from using Cloud Solutions right now – it’s safe, fast and cost effective.

Build your IT to have your data protected, backed up and thus available at arm’s length in case of emergency. 

Optimize your IT budgets, cut your capital expenditures and operating costs.

Cloud solutions & infrastructure
IT Strategy

Our IT consultants help develop and implement modern long-term IT strategy aligned with your business plans and needs

Cloud Solutions

Our team can transfer your data, apps and services to cloud for better security, performance and availability

Hybrid Cloud

We will combine your on-premise IT with selected cloud solutions for better security and availability in a cost-effective way

Basic IT Infrastructure

Our specialists will help you design, implement and support up-to-date most effective IT infrastructure personalized for your business needs

Monitoring Systems

We build proactive monitoring systems to ensure your critical business processes up and running 24/7

Data backup

We protect your business from data loss using Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud

Cloud solutions & infrastructure
Private Cloud technologies
Hybrid Cloud technologies
Antivirus Systems
Our IT specialists gained vast experience in designing, building and maintaining effective IT infrastructure of any size for our Clients. Contact us for more information about our Cloud and Infrastructure expertise and services.
Business productivity

How can we help business?

Get more effective, flexible and easy collaborate work.

Handy, secure and integrated HD video conferences and broadcasts for your business.

Business-class email – safe and integrated with all the IT systems of your company.

Understand your employees more and let them know each other closer for better global productivity.

Manage your clients and projects with the most modern and powerful tools.

Business productivity
Project Management

We provide a flexible solution for project portfolio management and everyday work. We help your team plan, manage and deliver projects as easy as pie

Client Management

We help you make every customer engagement an intelligent one, so you can sell effectively, care everywhere, and market smarter


We build business email to increase productivity, while keeping your organization safe. Bigger and reliable mailboxes fully integrated in your environment

Corporate Portal

Connect with employees across the enterprise. Engage with people, share ideas, and reinvent the way you work together

Unified Communications

We provide solution unifying messaging, meetings, and screen sharing for your team effective and secure collective work

MS Office 365

We let you work on Office files with anyone, anywhere, in real time. Create, store, and share documents online.
Collaboration made easy

Business productivity
We implement all the technologies on-premise, online or in a hybrid mode to make technology serve you best. Contact us for more information about our Business Productivity expertise and services.
Business intelligence

How can we help business?

BI will help you relate to your customers in a way that results in a profitable relationship.

We can reduce your risk of potential financial disasters with BI.

BI can increase your profit by making your business much more transparent for you.

We can help you transform your business into a proactive decision making engine.

BI can improve individual and collective workforce productivity.

Business intelligence
Operational intelligence

Create an effective mean of monitoring, sensing, management and analysis of your day-to-day business

Solution Support System

Our team creates demand planning and solution support systems to make critical decisions in business-as-usual, address risks and opportunities

Customer Analytics

BI will give you much more profound management of prospects and customer relationships through the entire lifecycle

Threat/fraud detection

With our help advanced BI system will help you foresee, minimize or reduce potentially destructive results

Workforce productivity

We will provide you with the possibility to measure and monitor workforce utilization and effectiveness to improve productivity

Tactical Dashboard

For the most sophisticated intelligence tasks we build tactical dashboard and solution support system based on IBM i2

Business intelligence
We will provide you with a flexible, perfectly visualized decision making tool for your day-to-day business life. Contact us for more information about our Business Intelligence expertise and services.
IT security

How can we help business?

Become protected from internal and external attacks.

Be sure that only authorized persons have access to your data.

Ensure your systems, applications and network are fully protected from modern IT threads, and if not, we will tell you how to improve it fast and cost-effective. 

Plan, build and protect your IT in the way that your data is always safe and your critical processes are continuous.

IT security
IT Infrastructure Planning

We assess and plan your IT infrastructure to ensure your IT is protected from all the existing threads and your data remains only yours

IT Security Management

We audit, plan and deploy your IT security management system according to ISO27001 for you to be confident in its effectiveness and durability

Business continuity

We make sure your critical business processes run smoothly and continuously. We also develop a disaster recovery plan to minimize your losses from any wild card

Penetration testing

We Identify weaknesses in your infrastructure or applications, demonstrate potential consequences of a breach and recommend you measures to preventing data incidents

Cyber Security

We transform your IT for you to be sure that the right person has access the right data at the right time and your digital identities are protected

IT security integrated systems

Integrated information security systems such as DLP, SIEM, Cryptography or advanced Antivirus will protect your data and network from inside and outside

IT security
IBM QRadar, HP ArcSight, McAfee SM etc.
Security Scanners
Endpoint DLP
Our IT security specialists are always up-to-date to protect your business and prevent any data loss and cyber breaches. Contact us for more information about our IT Security expertise and services.

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